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Phenom 100

Versatile & Efficient

For a new generation of travelers, Superior embraces a legacy of high-quality mission-driven charter service. With an emphasis on short-distance flights, our Red Stripe private jets offer a fast, convenient solution for your intercity travel needs.


As you step aboard our Phenom 100, you’ll instantly notice the large windows bathe the cabin in natural light, evoking a feeling of calmness & spaciousness. Stowable tables and complimentary wifi make remote work effortless. Throughout your journey, grab a snack or beverage from our generous refreshment center. Enjoy new levels of comfort & productivity as you cruise at altitudes of up to 41,000 ft.

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Our Phenom 100

Capacity:                              4 passengers

Baggage Space:                       55 cubic ft

Cabin Length:                                     11 ft

Cabin Height:                               4 ft 11 in

Cabin Width:                                  5 ft 1 in

Maximum Speed:                         450 mph

Service Ceiling:                            41,000 ft

Typical Range:                     300-500 miles

Wi-Fi Enabled:                                      Yes


With the exceptional efficiency of its Pratt & Whitney engines, our Phenom 100s will fly you where you need to go while burning less fuel in the process.

Where We Fly

Currently, we provide short-distance coverage for:

  • The Texas Triangle (Dallas, Austin, Houston, San Antonio)

Our Phenom 100s are designed for efficient short-distance trips, typically maxing out around 600 miles. Longer trips may be subject to payload and/or weather restrictions, or require a brief fuel stop.

P100 above Dallas.jpg

Average Rates

Very Light Jet (Phenom 100):          $4,000/hour

Up to 4 passengers

Super Light Jet:                                 $6,000/hour

Up to 7 passengers

Mid/Supermid Jet:                            $8,000/hour

Up to 10 passengers

Heavy Jet:                                          $10,000/hour

Up to 14 passengers


The pricing provided above represents rough estimates. Pricing is subject to change based on demand, availability & resposition requirements. Additional fees may apply.

Pricing subject to change based on availability and market demand.


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